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Corporate meltdown leaves renters in limbo March 24, 2009

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It is sad when people get run over and railroaded.  The emotional toll spills over into their finances, and leaves people mentally on the down side of things.  Everyday people are losing jobs, cars, homes, valuables.  No doubt this has left many with the feelings of no self worth, embarrassed, and simply lost.  Add on top of that all the negativity in the news, day in and day out, and the stench is like the top of a trash can festering.

When I was a kid, I got to spend a summer with my grandparents.  I adored my grandmother, she was simply perfect.  One day she had a chore for us, clean out the trash cans.  Now, imagine what a trash can in June in Phoenix, Az., must have smelled like it was not nice!  But, we turned it on its side and we used a hose and sprayed it inside and out.  We got all the “big stuff” out first.  It came off pretty easy and it also made the next step much easier.  We got out the scrub brush (with a long handle) and some soapy water and scrubbed it clean.  When we set it upright, amazingly it didn’t smell anymore.

Life right now is pretty much like cleaning out that trash can.  Do you think your life is full of nasty problems that can’t be cleaned?  The credit report isn’t what it used to be or never what you wanted?  Do you feel as though you have no hope and no one out there to help?  Nothing could be further from the truth.  There are over 100 mortgage programs out there that you can qualify under.  Some need stronger work history and lower credit score, while others are geographical based and need no money down.  The list is very long and one of them is right for you!  The first step is to decide for yourself: are you going to allow your fear to dictate to you what your security and stability should be?  This is your year, lets work together to get you into your dream.

Rolland Lawrenz

Chandler, Ariz., police officers confront residents of the Alante at the Islands apartment complex last week at a meeting called to discuss what the renters would do next.

Irvine, Calif.-based Bethany Holdings Group and affiliated companies abandoned dozens of large apartment complexes across the nation, potentially affecting tens of thousands of renters.’s Kari Huus reports.

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