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My lender won’t help me! October 19, 2010


Have you tried everything you can with your lender? Called them only to have to navigate through button after button of some voicemail system? Hoping at some point that if you hit that “0” enough times you will actually get a live person? Then “BAM” you get a real person you know the one, that says they can help you but won’t listen and leaves you even more frustrated than before your call?

Anyway, you get my point. Well, I did some digging and found a couple things that might help you. Please check them out and if you find any of this helpful let me know. Always love to hear about good things happening to the good people (you have to be good if you’re reading my blog!)

For all of you that have FHA insured loans, the good news is that your lender must follow the FHA guidelines and regulations. If they aren’t following the guidelines and giving you the service and assistance that is afforded and protected to you then do what I do. Call 888-297-8685, and put your citizen on! Don’t let anyone intimidate you, this is your home and your money, protect it and fight for it. And here is a life hint, whenever you are dealing with someone on the phone or in person always get their full name. Trust me, when you ask for someone’s name their attitude tends to improve. Don’t wait till things have got heated either, just ask up front and more often than not they will be much more helpful. And make sure you have your 13 digit FHA case number, and if you don’t have it … ASK FOR IT! Ain’t like its a secret launch code, trust me you already paid for it. Hint: it is on your loan settlement statement.

For all you VA insured customers, the first step for you is online. Go to the VA Foreclosure Alternative page. You will find so much help and assistance that you won’t know what to do with yourself. For the .0006% of you out there that internet is just not your thing, Ring up your loan service representative. Open this picture and it is the listing to every call center in the US broken down by states. Of course you could click here and it will give you the same information.0002nK.jpeg

Finally, for all of those with conventional loans, call your HUD approved housing counselor at 800-569-4287. They love to help home owners with lenders that aren’t doing their responsibility helping you. Another number to put in your address book of life is 888-995-HOPE. This is the Homeowners Hope hotline, they specialize in helping homeowners with their lenders as well. You got some tools now, go use them and again, let me know how they help!

As always, please leave a comment. Like to hear from you!


How does canceling credit cards effect my credit score? May 19, 2010

Having a good credit score is just simply important. Nothing new about that, but how do you get and keep that score? Will be posting more about how to plan a strategy for you to get and keep the score you want and deserve. All too often I meet people who beat themselves up about their credit and feel hopeless in ever getting themselves to place they can buy a home. Trust me, you can and I want to help you!

Watch this short video on what credit cards you have now that you might want to get rid of and how to do it so it is best for you.

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Improving Your Credit October 25, 2009

credit-score-chartIf you are thinking of purchasing a new home or refinancing soon, your credit score will play a large role in not only whether or not you qualify but also how high your payments will be. Credit awareness is your first step.

To review your credit report, visit If you find any errors, work to fix them as soon as you can.

Your credit score is determined by several factors: Do you pay on time? Do you owe money on your credit cards? Have you used credit recently? Are you applying for numerous new cards? What kinds of credit have you used?

Essentially, lenders are looking for a consistent pattern of on-time payments. If you don’t already pay all your bills on time, now is the time to start.

Your score is also affected by your debt to income ratio. So you can work to raise your income or you can work to decrease your debt. Whichever path you choose, paying down maxed out cards is a good place to start.

Overall stability helps boost your credit score as well. Changing residences or jobs frequently can put a ding in your score.

If you are planning to apply for a home loan in the near future, avoid other big purchases like cars or boats.

If you’d like more tips on improving your credit, please let me know. I can put you in touch with a consultant who can work with you to help improve your credit score.

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Housing Trends Report July 19, 2009

Below are some valuable information for you! You can click on the image and it will take you to the full report. Now, how do you read it or even understand it? Just give me a call (206.963.4307) or email me and I will contact you and take the all the pain out of it for you.

Remember, not knowing something isn’t a crime, not knowing because you didn’t ask … is.



Home Owner Association (HOA) Question July 16, 2009

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Got asked the other day about Home Owner Associations (HOA’s).

Question; The question was; what happens when a HOA Board of Directors throw out or ignore a decision voted upon by the membership at an annual meeting.

Answer; If the vote taken was on an issue that required membership approval/vote, the BOD must follow the decision. If the issue was one that is more of an opinion of the membership, the BOD can do with that vote as they see fit. Course, they run the risk of upsetting the majority membership, and typically it is considered a poor course to take. A “good” property manager will advise the BOD of this.

Got condo, home ownership questions? Please email or twitter them to me at the links provided. And you can always go to my blog and leave a comment with your question.


Use a professional! You will be happier March 13, 2009

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Why use a professional?

Ethics is not just a word to throw around like a frisbee. True professionals are ethical, they take their role in society very seriously. For me personally, I am dedicated and strive daily to do the best job I can for the clients I represent. Thankfully, I work somewhere that I am proud of the people I work with. Every time we have a meeting together, the focus is not about “sales.” We often are focused on bettering ourselves and the services we provide. Our primary goal (least in the office I am in have real discussions and goal setting in the area of taking care of our clients.

These are serious times no doubt. Never has need for Joe Q consumer to have ethical real estate professionals to choose from. Correctly choosing who you can trust and confide in is paramount today. Sadly, there are some foxes in the hen houses right now. It angers me to know that while people are needing sound and real advice right now, are getting scammed right and left. Isn’t that how we got in this mess in the first place? This needs to stop, and stop right now!

If you get a call from someone out of the blue offering to “fix” all your problems, BEWARE! Then be smart and call your Realtor, we are here to assist you. Your Realtor is not a door opener, they are trained skilled professionals with a vast amount of information. You feel lost alone in todays market, give me a call and I will do what I can to help. If I can’t, I know one office full of people that can and will. Call me, 206-963-4307!

Take a moment and read the attached story. Leave a comment and tell me what you think. Lets work together and kick these foxes to the curb!


Foreclosure scam artists rarely face jail time – Mortgage Mess- “LAS VEGAS – They call themselves loan modification consultants, negotiators or specialists. Some are legitimate, but many are simple con artists looking for desperate marks facing foreclosure amid the wreckage of the nation’s housing market.

It’s a good business, too, since in most states, there’s not much of a chance they’ll ever end up before a judge facing any time in jail.”

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