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The E-Reader Explosion: A Cheat Sheet October 28, 2009

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The explosion of e-readers in the past 12-18 months has been exciting to watch. E-readers impact in the field of education is really something and I for one love what is possible in the future with these devices.

Think about the impact on the environment just in the field of education these devices will have. Not to mention the financial overall savings it can bring to school districts and higher education. Last year alone, Princeton University spent more then 5 million dollars for paper, totaling more then 15 million pages. This fall, Princeton and five other colleges are testing out the new Kindle DX. The hope being to reduce the impact of paper while still maintaining the highest level of education to its students.

Throw in the ability that you can annotate, highlight, and take notes is really awesome. Granted, my experience has taught me that while I love these features, they are still in their infancy and there is a lot of room for improvement. While the search feature and built-in dictionary are very powerful. All these extras need refinement, but that will come. Have you seen a kid walking to a bus stop in the last couple of years? Maybe not, they are those little people trapped under those monster loaded backpacks. E-readers can carry 1500-17,000 books now, weighing in under 12 ounces! Wonder what the health impact that will be alone.

Barnes & Noble are launching their new reader called the Nook by the end of November. It has all the same features as the Kindle, with a few new ones (which I am sure Amazon will bring on with the Kindle.) The two biggies being the ability to lend a ebook to others and the ability to read your ebooks on both your reader as well as your computer. Both of these functions are awesome and positive forward moves.

For those of us that want to buy a book and just read it no matter what our eye sight is, you have to love the readers ability to increase the text size to what works for you. Overall, you can not go wrong with a e-reader and it is having the biggest (positive) impact on reading in our generation. Check out the link below for more in-depth information on the readers I have mentioned and others. If you have a moment, leave a comment and tell me what you think!

The E-Reader Explosion: A Cheat Sheet | Technologizer:
The E-Reader Explosion: A Cheat Sheet
By Harry McCracken  |  Posted at 12:14 am on Monday, October 26, 2009See all: News
By almost any imaginable definition, last week was the newsiest ever in the still-new world of e-book readers. We witnessed the unveiling of Barnes & Noble’s ambitious Nook. We got more details about Plastic Logic’s long-awaited device. We learned of an underdog known as the Spring Design Alex. We were informed that Amazon was killing the original Kindle 2 and lowering the price of the model with international roaming, and”


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