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How to fight the property tax assessor August 31, 2009

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How to fight the property tax assessor: “”

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Remember, that not all municipalities are moving with great speed to correct your home assessment. But, it is your right to challenge the assessment and get it reduced. Contact your agent, they can make this process easier.

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First Time Home Buyer Program, The clock is ticking down August 25, 2009


Rate forecasting – What are you waiting for? August 21, 2009

Want to let you know that many experts are predicting a rise in inflation and consequently a rise in interest rates as a result of the government’s stimulus spending. These charts demonstrate just how historically low interest rates are. Take a look at where rates were in the early eighties – the last time inflation skyrocketed.

Hope these charts provide food for thought for anyone wondering if now is a good time to get off the fence regarding a home purchase or refinance!

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Any place better to live than Seattle? Just one August 11, 2009

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Seattle is listed by Outside Magazine as the 2nd best place to live.

“The recession arrived late in Seattle, thanks to future-trending corporations like Amazon, Micro soft, and Boeing, and unemployment leveled off in March, helping the city avoid a major collapse in housing prices. Leaving nature-hungry urbanites free to conduct business as usual:”

Not to mention our long standing awesome 80% library card carrying record to boot! We rock Seattle!

Any place better to live than Seattle? Just one, mag says: “”

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+10% in King County Home Sales August 6, 2009

It is being reported through the Seattle PI & the Northwest Multiple Listing Service, that the July 2009 numbers for home sales is up 10% over this same time last year. Great news for our market as the indicators continue to move in the right direction.

Home prices have not come up as much though, holding in at $400,000 here in the Seattle area. This is about 14% from last year. More good news is that pending house sales are up 11.4%. These are all strong and positive movements in our local economy.

After the last 18 months, these are all welcoming numbers and indicators that we are getting this ship headed in the right direction.




Wallingford Art Walk

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Looking for something to do that is free and fun? Perfect weather tonight, so head over to Wallingford for their Artwalk. Will be going on from 6 pm till 8 pm. Great stuff, check the link and see if you can find it on the walk!

Flowers by Andrea Heimer on Flickr – Photo Sharing!: “”

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Up On The Roof With Carol |  Who is Carol? August 5, 2009

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Carol is someone special. Carol cares about others and the world around us. She doesn’t see borders, only places where there is a need. All too often we forget our responsibility to the person standing next to us, or on the other side of the globe. Do we not have the responsibility to assist and care for others in our global village? Politics & country citizenship aside, we are all people. Living each day as best we can in the hope of what? To better ourselves, for the betterment of mankind?

Carol Schillios is someone willing to put herself out there in the forefront of an issue and people she cares about. How rare is this? My guess is, not as rare as many might believe. Everyday I am fortunate enough to interact with so many wonderful and caring people, that I reminded by Carol’s story of just how awesome the people are that around me. Thank you all!

Please click the link below and see what Carol is doing and thinking.

Up On The Roof With Carol |  Who is Carol?: “”

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