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Good news; Home sales are up. March 24, 2009

Filed under: Economy,Good News — Rolland @ 12:02 am

The February numbers are out and home sales have increased by 5.1%. “Economists said sales, while still at levels not seen since 1997, may finally be coming back to life after declining sharply following the stock market plunge last autumn.” This is the biggest jump since back in July 2003.

First time home buyers are being credited with half of this increase. The word is getting out there and people are understanding that the most important opportunity of their lifetime is now.

Been sitting out there watching and waiting for the bottom? It is here and now, lets get together and make your dream a reality.

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One Response to “Good news; Home sales are up.”

  1. I think your absolutely right. If your waiting on buying a house or other real estate purchase, the time is now. Prices have pretty much bottomed out, and now is the perfect time to make a move.

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