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First time home buyers March 10, 2009

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4 Responses to “First time home buyers”

  1. Howard Chung Says:

    Very Good information! Are you going to be holding a first time home buyer’s seminar anytime soon?

  2. Rolland Says:

    I am working on putting one together right now. Want to hold it in the next two weeks. Any advice you can give me would be awesome.

  3. Karen Says:

    Rolland – Great use of the First Time Homebuyer information. As more people become aware of this great incentive to own the American Dream – one’s Own Home – I think we’ll see demand in the affordable price ranges take a jump. Right now, with low interest rates and great houses to choose from, there are optimum conditions to support taking this big step!
    Love the color scheme and features you’ve set up.

  4. Rolland Says:

    Thank you Karen. And thank you for visiting and commenting, hope that you come back often and keep leaving comments!

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